Mental Health in Primary Care

2021-04-16T09:54:50+01:00April 16th, 2021|Consultations, Open Consultations|

Health and Social Care Scotland and the BMA have launched a survey to gather thoughts, opinions, and experiences of mental health in primary care. Responses are anonymous and will be used to inform future key strategic work and conversations at a national level. The survey is open to colleagues, from across Scotland, working within primary care, [...]

Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme Community Consultation

2021-04-15T14:05:15+01:00April 15th, 2021|Consultations, Open Consultations|

On the 10th November 2020 the Cabinet reached the final decision and confirmed the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme without modification, agreed the indicative project timescale and approved the commencement of the final design of the scheme. The Scheme became operational on 13th January 2021 and the detailed design development started. North Ayrshire Council is developing [...]

Housing in the Countryside: Policy Guidance Note Consultation

2021-04-13T15:45:04+01:00April 13th, 2021|Consultations, Open Consultations|

The  Council’s Planning Service has published a draft policy guidance note for new housing in the countryside. Consultation on the Draft Policy Guidance Note is being undertaken to inform the final guidance. The Adopted Local Development Plan (November 2019) sets out the limited circumstances in which we will support the development of new houses out-with our [...]

Attitudes to Community Testing in Ayrshire and Arran

2021-04-12T09:46:14+01:00April 12th, 2021|Consultations, Open Consultations|

NHS Ayrshire and Arran are conducting a short survey to ask about your knowledge and attitudes towards COVID-19 testing in Ayrshire and Arran. This will help them to better understand what you think about their approach to community testing. The survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. You do not have to answer [...]

Ardrossan Connections Design Workshops

2021-04-09T10:39:20+01:00April 9th, 2021|Consultations, Open Consultations, Three Towns|

Help us make Ardrossan more connected and accessible! Sustrans Scotland has partnered with North Ayrshire Council and Ardrossan Community Development Trust on the Ardrossan Connections Project which aims to enhance walking, cycling and wheeling routes, and shape a more accessible, safe and welcoming centre of Ardrossan. We reached out to local residents, businesses and community groups [...]

Cumbrae Ferry Access Options – Public Consultation

2021-03-31T09:20:15+01:00March 31st, 2021|Consultations, North Coast, Open Consultations|

North Ayrshire Council (NAC), in partnership with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), commissioned RPS Consultants to undertake a review of the existing access arrangements at the Largs and Cumbrae ferry terminals and develop options for improving access to both. Since the Road Equivalent Tariff (RET) was introduced to the Largs - Cumbrae sailing in 2015, there [...]

Mill Burn Flood Alleviation Scheme

2021-03-17T08:35:00+00:00March 15th, 2021|Consultations, North Coast|

The requirement for the Millburn Flood Alleviation Scheme for Millport was identified within the National Flood Risk Assessment and subsequently included within the Ayrshire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and Plan in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Final optioneering for the scheme was completed in February 2020, and two potential design solutions were developed. A non-statutory community [...]

Review of Libraries, Halls & Centres

2021-03-18T12:52:01+00:00March 5th, 2021|Consultations, Open Consultations|

The purpose of this consultation is to gather the opinions of the local communities on the plan around the future roles of libraries, halls and centres. The opinions of our communities will be considered and taken into account when a final decision is taken by Elected Members at the Council Meeting scheduled on 9th June 2021, [...]