What is Community Planning?

Community planning is how public bodies work together and with local communities to design and deliver better services. It helps to drive public service reform by bringing together local public services with the communities they serve and providing a focus for partnership working that targets specific local circumstances. Partners work together to improve local services and to ensure that they meet the needs of local people.

Community planning in Scotland is about…
  • Making sure people and communities are genuinely engaged in the decisions made about public services which affect them
  • A commitment from organisations to work together, not apart, in providing better public services and reducing inequalities
What is a Community Planning Partnership?

A Community Planning Partnership (or CPP) is the name given to services that come together to take part in community planning. There are 32 CPPs across Scotland, one for each council area. They bring together collective effort and resources to add value to their communities, focusing particularly on reducing inequality.

The main duties in the legislation that Community Planning Partnerships should fulfil are outlined below:

  • Partners work together in a Community Planning Partnership (CPP)
  • Produce a Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP)
  • Develop Locality Plans
  • Review and report publicly on progress