You can access support and signposting around cost of living on this page. Resources will be uploaded as they become available.
There is also loads of useful info and resources on the North Ayrshire Council website

In crisis and need a number to call?

If you need help with accessing food, signposting to services or with your wellbeing, please contact

01294 310000

Search for Services

Enter your postcode to find local services, groups and activities to improve your health and wellbeing

Are you worried about money, like finances and benefits?

Firstly, you can find out what financial support you are entitled to using

You can also find out about local support in our:

Are you looking for food, clothing and essentials?

A Community Larder or Community Pantry scheme provides food for its members, with people picking produce themselves in a shop-like environment. Members need to register for a small fee. They will then pay around £4.00 each time they use the Community Larder or Pantry, and for that payment they will get approximately £12 worth of food. You can use this map to find the details of a provider near you.

Find out more about Fairer Food Places here. 

A note of the North Ayrshire Foodbank public holidays for 2023 can be found here

Find out where your nearest access point for 1free period products is by viewing period product access points

The Micha project operates a clothes closet. The project collects and distributes clothes to families and individuals. To find out about the Micah Clothes Closet support, click here

Canny cookers are a slow cooker without a plug: using heat retention, these electricity-free slow cookers are great for making soups, stews, casseroles and other one pot dishes while keeping the costs down. If you fancy making your own at home, take a look at our video and guide to find out how to rustle one up.

£1 per head meals – Please note this list of resources is not exhaustive, there are many helpful resources online and via our community larders too. Speak to our larder volunteers if you are looking for more info on budget friendly recipe ideas.

Need support with school meals or uniforms?

We provide free school meals and £120 (per child) for primary school children and £150 (per child) for secondary school children worth of school footwear and clothing to children whose parents are on certain benefits.

Cost of Living Crisis Grants for Community Groups and Organisations

There are a number of external funding sources to support Community Groups/Organisations to help with the Cost of Living Crisis

The Ayrshire Community Trust Guide

The Ayrshire Community Trust have collated information on services and resources available to help during the cost of living crisis.