CHAP exists to ensure that people are not disadvantaged by a lack of knowledge or awareness regarding their rights. We help people to access income that they are entitled to, overcome housing issues, and become more financially resilient by tackling debt and money issues. Whilst the support we provide helps people in the long-term, for example, in our last operational year (ending November 2022), we achieved £1.9 million in financial gains for our clients, we often have clients who are in real financial hardship who need instant access to financial support whilst awaiting outcomes of benefit claims etc. The help we provide helps to improve clients' financial circumstances, and many clients report that our services also help with other important aspects of their lives such as reducing their stress and improving their confidence and their overall quality of life.
CHAP is a charity which has been operating and providing support to North Ayrshire residents for over 20 years. We provide free, independent, and confidential advice to people who are facing issues with their benefits, housing, and money/debt. The services we provide range from providing information, carrying out benefit checks, helping to complete benefit and housing application forms, all the way through to challenging decisions. This can involve negotiating with creditors and landlords, setting up payment plans, taking someone through the Sequestration (Bankruptcy) process, requesting debt write-offs, and representing clients in court and at tribunals. Our services are here to advocate for people, giving them a voice, and helping them to enforce their rights. Our overall aim is to build resilience and long-term capability, whilst being able to intervene in a crisis or emergency situation.
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