Largs Colts is a non-profit club and any money that comes into the club is there solely for the benefit of the children. The club depends on the dedication of the volunteers within the community that come forward every year to help our children fall in love with the game. Our aim is to not only develop children’s skills and abilities but to also foster an all round character.

Our 2016 year group is excited to organise a football fun festival for 240 children from various parts of Ayrshire. With the support of 15 local clubs, who will be entering 60 teams, we believe this presents a valuable opportunity for your company to support young individuals in the local community where your extensive construction project is underway.

The aim of the football festival is to unite a diverse group of children for an enjoyable day together. This event, a first of its kind, will be hosted in Largs. We are pleased to share that the local Largs & Millport newspaper has agreed to feature the festival in an article.

In addition, we will be encouraging the families of the 240 children to bring their old football boots to the event. These donations will be passed on to younger children across Ayrshire.

Any donation made will be directed to the Largs Colts Bank Account or directly to the suppliers. Further information about our club can be found on our website:

Any contribution made will be highlighted in the local press and across our social media channels including our 2016 X account (formerly Twitter) @Largs_Colts2016.

Thank you very much for considering our request. We believe that supporting this initiative would offer a company a wonderful opportunity to connect with young people from Largs and beyond but also demonstrate its commitment to our local community.