North Ayrshire Bereaved group is a peer-support group for bereaved people living in the Kilwinning and wider North Ayrshire area and runs every Friday afternoon, from 12.30pm until 2.30pm at Kilwinning Library. The group has been running since December 2022 and has been a life-line for bereaved people who have faced challenges accessing support following the death of a loved one. The group see’s an average of 17 people attending each session and is a safe place for bereaved people to share their grief and relate to the experience of other bereaved people, making them feel less alone. The group is currently run by Cruse Bereavement Support and funded by Co-op, however the funding ends in December 2023, leaving the group to source alternative supports to allow it to continue. Everyone who comes along speaks of the impact the group has had on their lives, with a focus being on the reduction of social isolation and loneliness and an improvement in their mental health and overall wellbeing, so I’m looking to access funds to organise a Christmas party night activity to give the participants something to look forward to in the run up to Christmas, which is an extremely difficult time for bereaved people. Thorn Travel, Kilwinning have advertised a party night, with entertainment, a 3-course meal and transport to and from a local hotel, costing £49 per head, which is a total of £833 to take all 17 participants. Current funds won’t allow for this activity, or any activity to be funded.
An alternative activity would also be greatly appreciated.