NATTC are one of the biggest club in Scotland and most successful in Table Tennis.

We compete in the highest league in th UK the British Premier League which is for the top 8 clubs in the UK.

These matches are home and away and last season we finished 2nd.

This year all matches are being televised on a new TT tv channel and we as a club require a person or 2 to assist in setting up the media and TV gagdgets that we are getting supplied by the tv company.

Our 1st match is on Sat 15th October at our home venue St,Matthews Academy Saltcoats .

This is the 1st match of the new season and is starting 1 week before al other matches.

The interest in this match will feature all over the UK and it includes the cyrrent world no1 playerwho has a slight disablement but plays able bodied table tennis.
He is a star of the last STRICTLY DANCING SERIES and his name is Will Bailey. He is the current world no1 player and Olympic champion,

We are seeking some assistance on ensuring we are all set up to go live. Thematch starts 2pm till 4pm but we need start preparing from 11.30 am.