The Ayrshire Community Trust (TACT) are a Third Sector organisation who deliver “programmes and projects that make a difference to people’s lives by encouraging, supporting and promoting community action”. In addition to running their own wide range of programmes and activities, TACT also act as one half of North Ayrshire’s Third Sector Interface alongside Arran Community Voluntary Service, providing direct support to the development of the Third Sector across the local authority area.

TACT host an annual volunteer awards week, where the work of the voluntary and Third Sector is celebrated each June. As part of the awards, TACT assemble gift hampers and goody bags for the winners of their categories, sourcing the content from local Third Sector organisations and other Ayrshire businesses.

For the 2022 awards, TACT were looking for additional sponsorship support for the gifts, and contacted us to see whether this might be something we could support through the Wish List process. There were only a few weeks between the request for support and the awards, but a number of offers came through to TACT in time.

In total, £1200 was raised to support the Volunteer Awards through contributions from TCS Construction Consultants, RPS Group, Fortress Security, Lucion Services and PSL Printing.

Susan Manson, Capacity Building Officer at TACT said: “Without the sponsorship we wouldn’t have been able to celebrate volunteers with thanking them in a small way with providing them with some goodies…

[the awards] have helped to highlight all the good work that volunteers carry out in the community. We have been able to take out our garden volunteers for dinner to say thanks for everything they do, we have also provided all volunteers nominated with a goody bag and winners will receive a trophy and hamper.  We also created a new one-off award for the Queen’s Jubilee and the winner of that will be provided with a gift card to use at a local restaurant.  We will also be using some of the money to provide an afternoon tea for all recipients of our new award  – Adult Volunteer Recognition Award.  This is just a small token of appreciation to say thanks.”

TACT are also looking for some other support through the Wish List; if you think you might be able to help, click here to take a look at their wishes.