What are our priorities?

Our partnership vision is North Ayrshire – A Better Life. To achieve this we need to make sure that life is “Fair for All” in North Ayrshire. Fair for All is our strategy for promoting equity. The key pledge within Fair for All is: “North Ayrshire CPP pledges to tackle the root causes of child poverty and mitigate its impact to create a better life for local people.” Since the agreement of our last joint partnership plan, the Single Outcome Agreement 2013-17, we have increased our focus on child poverty. This is in response to very concerning local trends in child poverty levels.

Underpinning this we have four priority areas:

  • A Working North Ayrshire
  • A Healthier North Ayrshire
  • A Safer North Ayrshire
  • A Thriving North Ayrshire – Children and Young People

Our cross cutting themes influence our approach to these priorities:

1. Building stronger communities – by this we mean enabling communities to increase control over their lives, being supported to do things for themselves and having their voices heard in the planning and delivery of services.

2. Prevention – by this we mean tackling issues early to stop things from happening in the first place or from getting worse. These do not operate in isolation. We draw from a range of partner plans to support these priorities.

Local Outcomes Improvement Plan

Our key strategic plan, our North Ayrshire Local Outcomes Improvement Plan, describes our approach in more detail. A summary document LOIP on a page is also available. This LOIP overview presentation gives a summary of the plan.

There are four thematic plans that support us deliver our priorities:

A new Community Safety Plan has been developed and is currently out for consultation

These appendices to the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan give more context and detail:.

Our Locality Partnerships have also developed their own Locality Plans. These are available under the Community pull down menu at the top of the page.

What is being done to reduce inequalities?

One of our main aims as a Partnership is to reduce the inequalities that can be found across North Ayrshire. Our Fair for All Strategy overseen by our Fair for All Panel will drive how we tackle this in the coming years.

If you would like to find out more about how we are doing or be involved in helping to reduce inequality in your own Locality please contact us