Locality Partnership

The Locality Partnership will provide support for the communities of the Garnock Valley to help them do what is needed to tackle the issues that they have identified as priorities for their local area. These are outlined in the Locality Plan. The Partnership meets four times each year and looks at any action required. They then make sure that it is allocated to the most relevant partners to tackle the work. 

Here are a list of frequently asked questions and a briefing note on Locality Partnerships where you will find further information:

Our Locality Partnership is made up of:

  • The Chair – A local Elected Member
  • All other Elected Members for the Garnock Valley Locality  
  • Elaine Young – NHS Ayrshire & Arran (Senior Lead Officer)
  • Angela Morrell – North Ayrshire Council (Connected Communities)
  • Health and Social Care Partnership Representative
  • Police Scotland Representative
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Representative
  • Third Sector Interface Representative
  • Chair of the Community Councils
  • Connected Communities – Locality Co-ordinator

Additionally, when there is relevant business on the agenda, an officer attends from our other partners:

  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Scottish Government
  • Strathclyde Partnership for Transport
  • Ayrshire College
  • KA Leisure

Co-opted members: We can also co-opt representatives who have knowledge or expertise in specific areas of the Locality Partnership’s work (this is known as Participation by Experience).

Community Members: We want to make sure that communities are properly included and are driving the action to tackle the local priorities.  Is this you? Would you like to be involved? Contact us to tell us more and if you like, we can put you in touch with your Local Community Representative.

Young People: We want young people in our communities to be involved and young people tell us they want to be involved. There is a standing item in our Locality Partnership agenda for reports from the Local Youth Forum. Representatives from the Youth Forum attend the Locality Partnership meeting to speak about the report. The Locality Youth Forum agenda will also have a standing item in relation to reports from Locality Partnerships with a Locality Partnership representative attending to provide an update on Partnership activity.

Health and Social Care Partnership: We have a separate Health and Social Care Locality Planning Forum. This is a specialist group that deals with health, wellbeing and social care issues. It’s function is to advise the Health and Social Care Partnership of the views and concerns of the community and to link identified locality priorities to the Health and Social Care Partnership’s Strategic Plan and the CPP Locality Plan.

We have representatives from the Health and Social Care Partnership in our Locality Partnership. This ensures good clear links.

If you’d like more information about Garnock Valley Locality Planning Forum, please contact us.