The draft fourth National Planning Framework has been published for consultation. It promotes applications that create more town centre homes or help reuse vacant and derelict land, the creation of 20-minute neighbourhoods and tighter restrictions will be imposed on out-of-town retail development. It proposes 18 national developments including:

  • a national walking, wheeling and cycling network promoting active travel
  • mass and rapid transit networks for cities to significantly reduce congestion and reliance on the car
  • sustainable drainage and water management solutions to protect cities from future flood risk
  • master planned regeneration and investment along the Clyde and waterfronts in Dundee, Edinburgh and Stranraer
  • supporting transition of key industrial sites to net zero as well as helping to sustain rural and island communities in transitioning to a net zero society
  • pumped hydroelectric storage, large scale renewable energy generation and investment in the electricity grid.