Carnegie UK Trust have published Pooling Together: How Community Hubs have responded to the COVID-19 Emergency. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust has been undertaking a series of conversations with communities across the UK, exploring the changing relationship between local government, public services and communities. During these conversations, they’ve heard from several areas that community hubs were a critical part of the emergency response. In many cases, these demonstrated strong leadership, creative practice and partnership working. The report includes learning from North Ayrshire and offers examples of best practice, challenges, opportunities and learning for the future.

North Ayrshire – A Case Study on Kindness by Carnegie UK Trust tells the story of working in partnership with North Ayrshire Council and Community Planning partners to explore what it would mean to embed kindness across a local authority area, and what that might achieve.

This ‘case study on kindness’ begins by revisiting our starting ambition to reframe the relationship between the public sector and communities, and rehearses the activities and achievements along the way. However, it also recognises that the journey is not yet complete: and so, the report finishes by reflecting on challenges and learning, particularly over the last 6 months. It finishes with five priorities for sustaining and developing kindness.