The Pre-Consultation Draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan is now open for consultation. The Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) has been working to develop this first draft of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan, over the last year or so, and is now happy to share this draft with you for comment and feedback. The consultation will run from the 18th March – 27th May.

Please click here to view the pre-consultation draft Clyde Marine Plan and here to complete the consultation form.

A series of events for communities and stakeholders around the Region – come along to find out more about the pre-consultation Clyde Regional Marine Plan, marine planning in the Clyde and the process of Plan development so far. Click here to view a full list of events.

Once adopted by Ministers, the Clyde Regional Marine Plan will create a framework for integrated, sustainable and co-ordinated planning and management of the Clyde Marine Region’s environmental, economic, social and community resources. The pre-consultation Clyde Regional Marine Plan contains policy that has been developed by considering key environmental issues in the Region (as captured in the Clyde Marine Region Assessment) and considering the views, experiences and knowledge of a range of stakeholders that have been involved in developing the pre-consultation draft so far.

The process has been guided by the CMPP Members’, who meet regularly to guide the Plan development process. The Members are made up of a range of stakeholders from around the Region, including: Planning Authorities, different businesses operating in the Region, environmental organisations, Crown Estate Scotland, Scottish Coastal Forum, and agencies involved in regulating our environment, such as Scottish Natural Heritage and Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

To learn more about the CMPP please visit their website.

If you would like to read more about this process please visit this information page on the CMPP website or get in touch with a member of the team at: