North Ayrshire Council want you to have your say about which physical regeneration projects are priorities within your local area.

Your views will help to inform the development of a Regeneration Delivery Plan which sets out the actions for regeneration activity over the next five years (2021 to 2026).

The North Ayrshire economy has enormous potential and the Regeneration Delivery Plan is about helping to deliver on that. There is an ambition to accelerate and support economic activity, helping support both the short-term recovery from the adverse impacts of Covid-19, and in the longer-term, improvements to the appeal of our towns and places.

Comments are welcomed in relation to both the area as a whole, and your local town.

The Plan will be approved by the Council’s Cabinet in late 2020 and it will set out priorities and the allocation of regeneration funding for future projects.

Please use this link to answer the questions below

  • The Regeneration Delivery Plan will set out how some of our Strategic Development Areas or major regeneration sites will be developed. This includes Ardrossan North Shore/Harbour Area, Irvine Harbourside, Irvine Enterprise Area, Lochshore, and Hunterston. Do you agree that these are the major regeneration opportunities, and are there other opportunities that we should promote?
  • The Council’s Local Development Plan supports the Town Centre First Principle which aims to encourage activity in our town centres like the provision of new housing What more can be done to encourage people to live in our town centres?
  • What opportunities do you think there are for additional community led projects in your area?
  • What can we do to support a range of uses, including retail, within town centres?
  • Are there sites or buildings that detract from your community?
  • What type of workspace is needed to support existing and new businesses in the area?
  • How can we make North Ayrshire better connected, whether in transport or digital connectivity?
  • How could we work in partnership to maximise the benefit we get from land and assets we own?