The Independent Review of Adult Social Care will focus on developing a deep understanding of the needs, rights, and preferences of people who are using social care services. It will examine how and in what circumstances these are currently being met well and what needs significant improvement to ensure people’s outcomes are consistently met on a personalised basis across Scotland. The Review is also looking closely at the experience of staff working in the social care sector.

This phase is being undertaken primarily through an open enquiry process of large-scale engagement. The Review will hear from a wide range of people and organisations including those who have lived experience of using social care services and supports, carers and families. It will also speak to staff working in the social care sector and their representatives, including Trades Unions, providers, third sector and local community organisations, independent sector organisations, regulation and scrutiny bodies, social work representative bodies, statutory sector leaders, representative organisations and staff, including in Local Authorities, Integration Joint Boards, and NHS Boards.

The key areas outlined below are being explored and may help you plan your submission of views and evidence to the Review:

  • dimensions of high-quality social care
  • needs, rights and preferences of people using social care services and supports
  • the experience of staff working in the social care sector
  • regulation, scrutiny and improvement of social care
  • human rights and ethics in social care
  • commissioning and procurement
  • finance
  • potential national aspects of a social care system

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