The  Council’s Planning Service has published a draft policy guidance note for new housing in the countryside. Consultation on the Draft Policy Guidance Note is being undertaken to inform the final guidance.

The Adopted Local Development Plan (November 2019) sets out the limited circumstances in which we will support the development of new houses out-with our identified towns and villages, for example where it is proposed to convert or replace an existing building.

The purpose of the Draft Policy Guidance Note is to provide further detail to developers, applicants and communities on the relevant Local Development Plan policies and matters that should be considered when the development of one or more houses in the countryside is proposed. The Policy Guidance Note defines the key terms used in the policy and sets out key design principles that will apply in the consideration of such proposals.

You can view the Housing in the Countryside Policy Guidance Note here:

We are welcoming any comments on the guidance, which should be submitted by Friday 21st May 2021. Comments can be submitted by email to or by completing this survey