“Please note this consultation is now closed”

Consultation start date: 21st August 2017

Consultation close date: 15th September 2017

North Ayrshire Council, Housing Services is committed to the continuous improvement of the services it provides to its tenants and service users. To this end we are currently developing our new Tenant Participation Strategy 2017 – 2022.

Under our Tenant Participation Strategy we have undertaken to consult with tenants and interested stakeholders when we introduce a new strategy or policy. When developing this draft document we have, wherever possible, taken account of all comments from previous consultations and all related good practice; however, we are also keen to get your views on the content of the new strategy, you can read the strategy here

I would therefore appreciate if you would take the time to review the attached document and provide me with any comments you would like taken into account. To assist you with this process an online survey had been set up which  only took a few minutes to complete.

“Results of this consultation will be posted when available please check back soon”


**Update 10th October 2017**

We received 73 responses and all comments from the consultation will be taken into consideration when finalising the Tenant Participation Strategy 2017-2022. This will be presented to Cabinet on 14 November 2017.