North Ayrshire Council Strategic Community Learning and Development (CLD) Plan 2021-2024,  has now launched!

This plan will build on the previously refreshed plan of 2018-2021. It is informed by the learning from the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of response and needs.

The plan has been developed in line with the Education Scotland guidance and the continued engagement and professional guidance from Community Learning Development Managers Scotland (CLDMS). Throughout the plan we have identified the key themes and have made commitments to the communities of North Ayrshire. Commitments that will be realised throughout the life of the plan with recognition that the levels of delivery will differ from year 1 to years 2 and 3.

We make the commitment that communities of North Ayrshire, communities of Place and communities of Interest, will have access to the CLD support they need. We have identified through consultation and engagement with our communities, where needs have not been met and they have been included in the Action Plan, with a clear focus of action to close the gap between needs and delivery. All provision aims to be free at the point of access for all Learners.

This plan has been developed through a co-production approach, which is evident and detailed in our process section. The voice, experience and aspiration of communities, partners and staff is the scaffold on which this plan has been built. Throughout the plan we will use the terms Learners and Communities. These terms are all encompassing and reflect all of our citizens of North Ayrshire.