Irvine Royal Connects Proposal
This is a proposal for a committee of community members to have engagement with secondary schools in North Ayrshire, in partnership with the Community Development team.
Committee aims;
– School to have greater community involvement and partnerships
– Community groups have more formal access to the school and contacting staff
– Young people build stronger relationships with the wider community
– Increasing the number of external partnerships for the school, enhancing learner experiences
How would it work?
– 1 meeting per term for work to be completed on the following term;
o February meeting for Term 4 (April – July 2024)
o June meeting for Term 1 inclusive of summer (August – October 2024)
o September meeting for Term 2 (October – December 2024)
o November meeting for Term 3 (January – March 2025)
o February meeting for Term 4 (April – July 2025)
– For example, if a community group wanted to do a community litter pick and awareness sessions with all 1st year classes in June, they would attend the February meeting so that school staff can build it into planning.
– All proposals will be submitted via a MS Form prior to the meeting to build an agenda and the Head Teacher will have sight of this to see what scope the school has to deliver each project.
– All proposals will be subject to school capacity and benefit to learners.
– Meetings will be facilitated by Community Development staff to create more knowledge of community groups and encourage partnership working.
– Types of work with the school will be broken down into the below categories subject to agreement of the head teacher;
o Talks to assemblies
o Subject specific class projects
o One off sessions with pupils in school
o One off sessions outside of school
o Project visits from young people
o Parental engagement
o Awareness raising of projects via flyers/ advertisements
– If school staffing allows, then subject specific teachers could be invited to the meeting depending on requests i.e. if a group want the tech department to help make something, could a tech teacher attend the meeting to advise.
– All community groups would be invited to present their project at the meeting and hopefully create partnerships with other organisations.
– Any other requirements as per Head Teacher.