Our service provides one to one befriending for people living with early stage dementia across Ayrshire. It is to provide companionship within the home or out and about in the community. We are also opening wellbeing cafes for people living wit dementia and their loved one to come along for a cuppa, biscuit and chat. The cafes offer a safe place to relax, enjoy entertainment, access support organisations and for the family member to have peer support of other carers. We have a weekly café in Saltcoats and an Irvine one is about to launch. We reimburse all volunteer related costs such as travel, lunch etc and we also provide the tea, coffee, biscuits etc and entertainment at the cafes, therefore we are looking for support with these costs to enable us to continue providing these supports. Our Dementia service is just one year into a 3 year project and we will continue to grow the support we and the volunteers provide by having day trips and more cafes across Ayrshire.
Facebook: Dementia Befriending Ayrshire
Website: www.ailn.org