Broomlands and Bourtreehill Community Association are a long established committee, established in 1975. and have four office bearers and six committee members who manage Towerlands Community Centre voluntarily, and develop the centre programme. We also have a long history of running various successful events throughout the years, ranging from gala days, social events, community lunches, and more structured activities, and learning opportunities for people of all ages. We also manage the Farm Basket Community Food Larder which is situated on the grounds of the Community centre.
Our management committee features many representatives from various community organisations and centre users that are part of our committee. Along with our centre users, other external partnering agencies and organisations from the area also attend our monthly committee meetings. We are also members of NAFCO, and tie in with many other wider community organisations.
We are in the process of establishing a community garden on a former swing park next to the centre, that will grow fresh produce for the community food larder and allow for us to make affordable food for the café in the community centre, and also luncheon clubs for older people within our community.
We also want to encourage older people to get involved and give them a safe environment to pass on their gardening skills to younger people. We have a group of volunteers that are keen to get started in developing this project. The project will also allow for people in the community to get involved, meet new friends, and enjoy being outdoors whilst learning new skills.

Our website can accessed through the following link: