Our charity is based in the Barony St John Centre on Princes Street in Ardrossan. From there, we provide empowering Personal Safety to vulnerable people especially female victims of violence, children, people who are blind, People with learning disabilities and people targeted by Hate Crime.
The people who come to us have been attacked, assaulted, abused, bullied or harassed – or they fear this happening to them. This fear prevents them from going out and about and this social isolation often leads to depression, and in some cases, suicidal thoughts. Through a mix of personal safety advice, practical self defence techniques and informal counselling, we empower these individuals, increasing their self confidence and lowering their anxiety levels.
We want to help them socialise again by building a café in the courtyard area of our Centre. This wellbeing café will focus on helping them to meet and befriend people with similar background and stories to theirs, while games and quizzes will help them to have fun and laugh again.
You can find out more about us via our website www.ScotCPS.org.uk or check out ScotCPS on social media.