We are an established, non-profit charity organisation that aims to rescue, rehabilitate and return wildlife to their natural habitat and rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to sustain our workflow and carry out our mission. This includes donations in the form of volunteering, materials and monetary sponsors. We have a constant need for the supply of feed, bedding, cleaning equipment, medicines, IT and stationary basics, building materials, transport fees and much more. With the busy Summer season approaching, we anticipate many young animals in our care soon and have subsequently hired seasonal staff to help cover the care and attention required to our patients. We are sought after within the community, having been an integral factor in our establishment and success, the people of North Ayrshire have already given us so much over the years. The opportunity to request some much needed upgrades, replacement or restoration of basic everyday equipment or to have a cash pot to allocate to different ongoing and urgent projects would be substantial in upcoming busy Summer season. I cannot stress enough how much some new IT equipment, new outdoor wear, new cleaning tools or a means to finance either or these would be a great help and hopefully NACPP can help in some way. Anything would be a huge bonus but for now I have listed what our current priorities are. Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you then.