We provide holistic therapies and treatments in an individual capacity or group setting. We aim to identify people who need support with stress management, anxiety or depression, poor mental health, addictions and recovery, for those struggling to integrate into the community or struggling with social isolation and equip them with resources, strategies and tools to help them manage their struggles personally. We do this through group sessions which allow people to come to a safe and calming environment to meet new people, have a cup of tea and a chat as well as learning about the benefits of holistic approaches (through small hand outs and activities)and how they can have a positive impact on your mind and body. Some of the mindfulness activities we will try are aromatherapy playdough,herbal blends and exploration, Qi Gong, Breathwork exploration, setting intentions and releasing our negative thoughts and influences, drumming our vibrations and energy through our sacred drum circle.We then finish the group with a guided meditation and sound bath, allowing for a quiet mind and total relaxation.

We also provide one to one sessions for vulnerable people or those in need of support. These are person centred and can include a range of therapies. Our Energy Bundles include:
-Sound healing with tuning forks
-Drum Healing
-Guided meditation
-Sound Bath