FFU Scotland CIC was incorporated in 2017. A non-profit organisation working with and for Fibromyalgia across Scotland. We are Volunteer and Disability led. Fibromyalgia is a multi-faceted chronic condition of the Central Nervous System affecting 200-300,000 men and women across Scotland. This has seen an increase since the pandemic with the development of Fibrocovid, one part of the Long Covid Spectrum, in which the person is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, following having contracted Covid 19, and having long term health implications affecting all aspects of daily living.

The organisation has provided education; advice; guidance (digitally and through support meetings, information drop ins and community events attendance); activities (social and fitness); advocacy (both benefit and welfare) and poverty outreach services (food, hygiene and toys), throughout the last 5 years to people not only in North Ayrshire, but across all of Scotland, who live with and are affected day to day by Fibromyalgia. North Ayrshire has the highest prevalence stats across the 3 Ayrshires and is within the top 3 areas in Scotland demonstrating highest prevalence rates.

As an organisation we also founded the Scottish Fibromyalgia Awareness Week (2nd week in May) in 2018, in which Scottish businesses; landmarks; Local Authorities; join in raising the profile through our #lightupforfibro campaign. 2022 saw the largest support with well over 50 buildings lighting, 26 local authorities cascading information and or lighting up and the pledging of MSPS to the campaign.