Woodland Wakeup is a social enterprise based in North Ayrshire which aims to ‘rewild’ childhood and connect kids and families with the natural world. We provide fun and exciting Forest School / nature adventure sessions in local green spaces.

Woodland Wakeup believes that childhood should be about playing outside, getting muddy, climbing trees, having adventures, making dens, being wild and free… and having as much fun as possible!

Sadly though, many kids nowadays are not getting out to play.

Instead, they are indoors in front of a screen and hidden away from the amazing natural playgrounds outside.

This man-made, digital lifestyle can contribute to disorders such as anxiety, depression, lack of focus, ADHD and ADD and a lack of physical and emotional resilience.

On the other hand, spending time and playing in the natural world is amazingly calming and uplifting. Children develop a sense of adventure, awe and wonder about our beautiful planet, and start to reconnect with their natural curiosity about flora and fauna and the world around them.

This fosters a sense of place and enhances physical and emotional resilience, sensory awareness, problem solving capabilities, confidence and self-esteem… the list goes on!

Woodland Wakeup wants to get the kids back out to play!!

We have nature adventure sessions at weekends… we run holiday camps… we can do birthday parties… we have our midweek ‘Too Cool For School’ sessions for home-educated kids, and we can tailor other sessions to suit your requirements.

So get the kiddies involved: Wakeups for everyone!

WW’s vision is to rewild childhood and reconnect kids with the natural world, for them to be healthy, happy, balanced, resilient, reflective and able to thrive in a chaotic and ever-changing world.