£50m for the UK’s Grassroot Football Pitches in 2022

Funding is to be made available to enable the delivery of more football pitches and facilities in UK communities.


The UK Government has announced an additional £50 million investment in football pitches to help support the wave of interest in the sport inspired by EURO 2020 and Women’s EURO 2022.


The funding, which will be made available next year and prioritised for left-behind communities, will enable more people to access high-quality football pitches that can be used for football and other sports across the UK.


Combined with contributions from the Football Association and Premier League as well as other local partners, the funding will build 185 new 3G artificial pitches, improve 5,000 existing grass pitches and create 9 ‘hub’ sites with multiple pitches.


Further details of the funding rollout will be made available in 2022.


Scottish Power Foundation

Funding for UK registered charities for projects that support education, training, research, biodiversity, climate change, arts, culture, as well as supporting the most vulnerable people and groups in society.


Charities registered with one of the UK charity regulators for at least one full year can apply for grants of between £35,000 and £200,000. Grants are available for one year only. Projects must start during 2022 and be completed within 12 months.


Application must address at least one of the ScottishPower Foundation’s strategic aims:

  • Education, training, and research – to support education, training, and research in general, prioritising innovation in order to contribute to energy sustainability.
  • Biodiversity and climate change – to support the protection of the environment and to enhance biodiversity; to actively contribute in the fight against climate change.
  • Art and culture – to protect and safeguard artistic and cultural heritage by promoting conservation and restoration of the arts and supporting local development.
  • Social initiatives – to contribute to sustainable human development by supporting the most vulnerable people and groups.

There is particular interest in applications that will support the most vulnerable people in society.


Projects must also address one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


The funding is for the delivery of specific projects and not for general unrestricted running costs. This can include salary costs.


The deadline for applications is 6 August 2021 (1pm).



UK Community Ownership Fund

The UK Government’s £150 million Community Ownership Fund is accepting applications.

Funding is available to charities and community groups in the UK to support them in taking ownership of local assets such as pubs, theatres, and parks.


Applications will be accepted from voluntary and community organisations from all parts of the United Kingdom who have a viable plan for taking ownership of a community asset at risk and running it sustainably for community benefit.


To be eligible, the applicant must be an incorporated organisation which is set up to deliver charitable purpose, social purpose, or public benefit. Eligible organisation types include:

  • Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO).
  • Scottish charitable incorporated organisation (SCIO).
  • Co-operatives including Community Benefit Societies.
  • Community Interest Company (CiC).
  • Not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.


To be eligible for investment from the Fund, the terms of community ownership must be either the ownership of the freehold or a long-term leasehold of at least 25 years minimum (with no break clauses).


Proposals will need to prove the value of the asset to local people and that the asset can run sustainably for the long-term benefit of the community. Projects could include (but are not limited to):

  • Community centres.
  • Sporting and leisure facilities.
  • Cinemas.
  • Theatres.
  • Music venues.
  • Museums.
  • Galleries.
  • Parks.
  • Pubs.
  • Post office buildings.
  • Shops.


The Community Ownership Fund will contribute up to 50% of the total capital required.

Applicants can apply for a blend of the following funding:

  • Capital funding to take ownership (including the acquisition of the building; refurbishment costs alongside a sale or a transfer). Up to £250,000 match-funded capital will be available for most asset types. Exceptionally bidders will be able to make the case for up to £1 million match-funding to help establish a community-owned sports club or help buy a sports club or ground at risk of being lost without community intervention.
  • Funding for project development – this might include professional fees for technical advice from architects or surveyors or legal advice. It might also include costs for project management to oversee capital works where this is part of an application.
  • Post-acquisition support funding for up to the first year of operation, where there is a convincing case that this will help support a sustainable business model in the long term. Up to £50,000 (and no more than 20% of the total capital costs applied for through the Fund) is available for project development costs and post-acquisition support.


The Round One deadline for applications is 13 August 2021.


Community Ownership Fund – https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/new-levelling-up-and-community-investments


Prospectus – Community Ownership Fund: prospectus – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Assessment Criteria – Community Ownership Fund: assessment criteria guidance – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Application Form – Community Ownership Fund: application form – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Volunteering Support Fund

Funding for small to medium sized organisations to recruit additional volunteers, particularly from minority ethnic backgrounds, disabled or with long-term health conditions, who will contribute to new volunteering, or existing, projects.


The Volunteering Support Fund is administered by Impact Funding Partners on behalf of the Scottish Government, which has committed £3.3 million to this scheme.

Applications are accepted from third sector organisations (voluntary organisations or community groups) whose Board of Trustees or Management Committee are predominantly volunteers.


Organisations must have an annual income of below £250,000 to apply.

The maximum grant over three years is £30,000 with a maximum of:

  • £4,000 in Year 1 (November 2021 to March 2022)
  • £13,000 in Year 2 (April 2022 to March 2023)
  • £13,000 in Year 3 (April 2023 to March 2024).


The fund will support organisations to deliver on four key outcomes:

  • Increase diversity in the third sector’s volunteer pool, to particularly include people who experience disadvantage or would traditionally experience barriers to volunteering
  • Improve governance, leadership, and financial knowledge of organisations through the recruitment of skilled volunteers to enhance the third sector’s capacity
  • Improve organisational capacity to provide opportunities for skills and personal development through volunteering
  • Enhance services delivered by organisations to better meet the needs of the communities they serve

The deadline for applications is 27 August 2021 (5pm).



Sir George Earle Benevolent Fund Grant Programme

The Sir George Earle Benevolent Fund grant programme is Scotland wide and is seeking applications from projects supporting older people facing loneliness and isolation.

Projects must meet one of the following themes:

  • Improve older people’s access to social activity
  • Reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation in older people
  • Increase the availability of local projects or activity which supports older people
  • Respond to local social or economic needs


Type of funding: Revenue


Who can apply

All applicants must fit Foundation Scotland’s funding criteria. Full details are available on the funder website.


Maximum annual income:




When to apply

The deadline for applications is 4pm on 2 August 2021. Decisions will be communicated via email by the end of September 2021.

Next deadline: 2nd Aug 2021


How to apply

Apply online via the Foundation Scotland website.



HRUK and Subway Healthy Hearts Grants

Heart Research UK supports innovative projects designed to promote heart health and to prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease in specific groups or communities. This year, they are also offering funding for one-off purchases of equipment that will help you to promote heart health in your community.


Type of cost: Capital and Revenue


Who can apply?

Only community or voluntary organisations, registered charities or other not for profit organisations may apply. In exceptional circumstances, where a project has a very strong heart element applications may be considered from researchers.


When to apply

Applications for the Scotland region grants will open on 23 August 2021 and close on 20 September 2021.

Next deadline: 20th Sep 2021


How to apply

Application forms can be downloaded from the funder website. Applicants can contact the lifestyle team on 0113 297 6206 or email lifestyle@heartresearch.org.uk  for more information.



Urquhart Opticians Care & Community Fund

At Urquharts it’s very important for them to be part of their community in Ayrshire and find ways to give back.


In the backdrop of COVID-19 they haven’t been able to attend events & give sponsorship, their Optometrists haven’t been able to go to schools, community groups or guilds to do talks – and so they’ve been looking for new ways to support people in Ayrshire.


That’s why they’ve created the Urquharts ‘Care & Community’ fund, based on one of their key values.  Each month they will have £1,000 available for local groups and charities, which will be awarded based on the application, which can be accessed via the link below.


Care & Community Fund – Urquhart Opticians | Opticians & Hearing Specialist (urquhart-opticians.co.uk)