Safer North Ayrshire Partnership (SNAP)

All of our residents want to feel that North Ayrshire is a safe and secure place to live in. The Safer North Ayrshire Partnership (SNAP) is responsible for ensuring we achieve this aim.

The SNAP helps develop and deliver key actions with the wider Community Planning Partnership and makes sure that all relevant partners work together on shared issues. The SNAP also sets up and monitors sub-groups and short life working groups on specific work-streams when necessary, and works together to find the resources required to carry out joint working.

Some key members of Safer North Ayrshire Partnership include the Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, the Adult Protection Committee, Ayrshire College, Police Scotland, The Third Sector Interface, North Ayrshire Women’s Aid, Scottish Fire and Rescue and Community Justice Ayrshire.

The Safer North Ayrshire Partnership…

achieves a lot to help local communities.

The first video below shows Superintendent Ross explaining the benefits for Police Scotland of being part of the North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership and SNAP.

The second video is a good example of what SNAP can achieve. This is an Environmental and Visual Audit that took place in Beith, when Local People got together with the Police, North Ayrshire Council Services (such as Streetscene, Housing and Antisocial Behaviour Team) and the Fire Service to explore their own communities and find areas for improvement. If you are interested in being involved in this type of audit in your local area please contact us for more information.