The Child Poverty & Cost of Living Board

Our Partnership vision of ‘Fair for All’ is about championing and developing the positive aspects of life in North Ayrshire, whilst also tackling poverty and disadvantage in all of its forms.

The Tackling Child Poverty and Cost of Living Board, which is chaired by the Leader of the Council, was set up to help improve life for people and is supported by a Child Poverty and Cost-of-Living fund that was allocated by the Council in the 2023-24 budget. It is one of the key groups that support the North Ayrshire Local Outcomes Improvement Plan priorities of Wellbeing, Work and World.

The Board regularly reports to the CPP Board, the CPP Senior Officers Group.

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Child Poverty Action Plan

North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership pledges to tackle the root causes of child poverty and mitigate its impact to create a better life for local people. The Child Poverty Action Plan gives this work a renewed focus and energy, and reinforces our commitment to our North Ayrshire children.

While the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act places duties on Local Authorities and Health Boards only the Council have developed this action plan with the Community Planning Partnership. This is in acknowledgement of the strong partnership approach needed to effectively tackle this issue.