The Wellbeing theme of our LOIP  is being led on by KA Leisure , who joined forces with several organisations to create the Wellbeing Alliance. The Wellbeing Alliance  supports the wellbeing of the people of North Ayrshire and focussed on ensuring everyone is given an opportunity to enjoy life and cope with challenges.  The Alliance also focus on preventing problems before they become bigger and finding solutions that utilise the benefits of good wellbeing.

The goal of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance is to make this target a reality by:

– Overcoming the inequalities related to wellbeing with the help of early intervention and prevention and a whole system approach

– Benefit from the opportunities for innovation, improvement and efficiency among partners

– Co-create solutions to promote equality and reduce health inequalities

– Access the best possible services and activities, without any gaps or overlaps in provision, and with potential savings in resources

– Find and apply for joint funding opportunities, where appropriate, and with their consent

– Connect and collaborate with the Active Communities Strategic Partnership and other relevant partners and initiatives

For more information, please contact the Community Planning Team at: