The North Ayrshire Local Employability Partnership (LEP) was re-established in 2017 and tasked with overseeing and guiding employability provision in North Ayrshire. The LEP is chaired by North Ayrshire Council, meets every 6 weeks, and is attended by the following partners:

  • North Ayrshire Council – employability and skills, business development, children/families/justice, community learning & development and education
  • Department For Work & Pensions
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Ayrshire College
  • TACT – Third Sector Interface
  • Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce

The North Ayrshire LEP reports to the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) and uses intelligence from the Provider Forum, chaired by Skills Development Scotland and the Practitioners Forum, Chaired by North Ayrshire Council to inform activities and priorities.

Operational Delivery Groups around Young People, Inclusive Growth and Closing the Disability Employment Gap have been established and local organisations report to the LEP to maximise expertise and knowledge to identify gaps, opportunities and develop specific proposals and recommendations. This partnership structure and governance helps deliver transparency and accountability in ensuring citizens of North Ayrshire receive the best service and resources are used most effectively, where the greatest need exists to ensure no one is left behind.