North Ayrshire Green Health Development Fund 2020/2021 – Greater use of the outdoors can help to improve activity, mental wellbeing and reduce health inequalities.

In North Ayrshire, Green Health includes a wide range of activities based outdoors, engaging people with the natural environment. Activities should ensure that the natural environment is not exploited or degraded as a result of participation. North Ayrshire is renowned for its natural environment and the wide range of opportunities it provides for people to be physically active and experience nature and the outdoors. However, nature and the benefits it provides are also easily accessible in our parks, gardens and urban greenspaces. Our natural assets have the potential to contribute to improving a range of health outcomes, helping reduce health inequalities, addressing issues of social isolation, improving mental health and wellbeing and supporting the general transformation needed to keep people healthier for longer.

About the Fund

The overall aim of the Green Health Development Fund is to:

  • Get more people to use the outdoor environment and more regularly to;
  • Contribute to reducing health inequalities
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing of local people

The Green Health Development Fund 2020/2021 Successful Applicants are detailed below:

Green Health Development Fund Successful Projects