Key Facts

Here is our Irvine Locality Profile which was completed in September 2017. This is an extensive look at Irvine, its characteristics and demographics. This is a useful tool for the Locality Partnership.

Some key facts about your local areas:

  • Of those asked, 50% of people from the Irvine Locality said that their top national priority was to live our lives safe from crime disorder and danger
  • There are estimated to be around 39.085 people living in the Irvine Locality
  • In Irvine, average male life expectancy is around 72.2 years which is below the North Ayrshire average of 76.5 years
  • In Perceton and Lawthorn between 20 and 30% of S5 pupils gained 3 or more awards at level 6.
  • 62% of households earn less than £30k
  • Average house prices in Irvine are around £81.5k compared to a North Ayrshire average of £92k

These are summarised in the presentation that was given at the first Locality Partnership event. Irvine data presentation_June2016

This holds the most up to date information available and will help you to understand what the needs or your local area might be. For more information you can check our local priorities page.

Community Book

Partners and the community have been working closely together to provide support during the Coronavirus pandemic. This community book contains information about some of the key contacts.

Town Centre Audit

This report presents a summary of the Your Town Audit for Irvine, conducted by Scotland’s Towns Partnership and EKOS (for economic and social development). The Your Town Audit was developed to provide a framework to measure and monitor the performance of Scotland’s towns and town centres using a series of Key Performance Indicators.

Your Town Audit – Irvine

Locality Members

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