Police and partners in North Ayrshire ‘connected’ with S5 pupils at St Matthews Academy in North Ayrshire today to pilot a new road safety roadshow event – ‘Connected Ayrshire Road Safety’.

The interactive road show, on Friday 1st March 2019, saw a range of partners come together to highlight the positives of getting behind the wheel and to also highlight some of the risks involved.

S5 pupils at the school heard from North Ayrshire Council Road Safety Team, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Police Scotland Roads Policing Unit with a presentation taking the students on a journey from applying for their licence to highlighting the responsibilities of driving safely.

Students thereafter visited a series of stations where they participated in activities, learnt new skills and saw a range of equipment used to keep Ayrshire’s roads safe.

Scottish Fire and Rescue attended with a fire appliance, demonstrated their cutting equipment and taught the pupils the basics of CPR. British Transport Police attended with the Level-Crossing Safety Camera Van and emphasised the dangers of ignoring barriers and lights at level crossings.

The pupils were also immersed in a new virtual reality experience, provided by Road Safety Scotland, which demonstrated the consequences of distracted driving, a crash and the emergency response phase of a collision.

The local Youth Services Team provided an input on basic vehicle maintenance, things to spot when purchasing a vehicle or tyres and also demonstrated the impact alcohol can have on a person as the young people attempted to control a remote control car while wearing simulated ‘beer goggles’.

PC Colin Johnson, Prevention and Interventions Officer for North Ayrshire, said:

“Sadly across Scotland, young and inexperienced road users make up the majority of casualties as a result of road traffic collisions.

This event was designed to emphasise important road safety messages in an interactive, informative and interesting way, to students who may soon embark on their journey as new drivers.

The students, will be more aware of the hazards they are likely to come across on our roads, whilst having a better understanding of the role of the emergency services and having learned some valuable life skills that could be useful in all walks of life.

We would like to thank everyone who participated today.”

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