What is Locality Planning?

Locality planning was introduced in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, under Part 2: Community Planning. It is one of the ways local communities work together with public and third sector organisations to improve residents’ lives and neighbourhoods.

Locality Planning in Scotland is about:

  1. Reducing inequalities
  2. Enabling communities to participate in decision making at a neighbourhood level

Our Locality Partnerships are the means by which we fulfill duties under the Community Empowerment Act to have locality arrangements. There are six Locality Partnerships in North Ayrshire which cover the whole local authority.

The six Locality Plans, outlining the locality priorities are available below:

Arran Locality Plan                   Garnock Valley Locality Plan

Irvine Locality Plan                   Kilwinning Locality Plan

Three Towns Locality Plan      North Coast Locality Plan