On Saturday 2 February 2019 Local Police Officers joined partners in Irvine to raise awareness on internet safety and how to spot scams.

Held as part of events for Safer Internet Day, which takes place on 5th February, the event at the Rivergate Centre saw around 400 people speak with police and partners, engage with the interactive displays and take part in an online safety quiz.

Sergeant Jason Peter, Local Authority Liaison Officer in North Ayrshire, said “events like this provide a great opportunity to speak with people, promote ways to keep safe and answer any questions visitors may have.

“Today we were joined by the new North Ayrshire group of Police Scotland Youth Volunteers – a brilliant group of young people who were great engaging with visitors and relaying our safety advice.

Representatives from UK Cyber Specials Cyber Volunteers were able to demonstrate common scams and the need for everyone to Take Five to stop fraud – when you’re contacted and asked for personal or financial information, take a step back and think about what’s really going on. Listening to your instincts and keeping control of your information will reduce the opportunity of you becoming a victim of fraud.The team from the local O2 store were also on hand to provide advice on how to protect children online and how to make full use of security settings on mobile devices.
If each person we spoke to today passed on the advice they received to 2 people we would reach thousands of people. That’s all we ask – tell two and together we can protect many.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to speak with us today, our partners who joined us and to the team at the Rivergate Centre for their continued support.”

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