North Ayrshire Growth & Investment have consulted on the first phase of the concept masterplan proposals for the Great Harbour project in Irvine earlier this year. The consultation report is now ready and can be viewed here.

The Great Harbour project is a key tourism led regeneration, placemaking and destination development project for Irvine and the wider Ayrshire Coast, which seeks to re-imagine and re-define what this area can be, and create a new destination for the Ayrshire Coast that puts people first and reconnects them with the waterfront. It aims to enhance parks and greenspace, enhance local heritage and waterfront attractions and create new ones, enable safe public access through the area for residents and visitors, and provide improved access to the water for leisure and recreation.

The concept masterplan has been developed to support an Outline Business Case, which was approved in June 2021 and secured a £14M funding allocation from Ayrshire Growth Deal. The masterplan is currently being developed into detailed design stage to support the Full Business Case, which will allow the funds drawdown when approved.

The next phase of the consultation is planned for later this year.

Further information can be viewed here.