Community Support, COVID 19 Updates and Community Books

Community Support

If you need help with accessing food or your wellbeing please contact 01294 310000. Emergency out of hours provision will be in place.

Community Books

Are you looking for low cost food?

A Community Larder or Community Pantry scheme provides food for its members, with people picking produce themselves in a shop-like environment. It is a great way to access healthy food at low cost. Members need to register for a small fee. They will then pay around £2.50 each time they use the Community Larder or Pantry, and for that payment they will get approximately £15 worth of food.

You can use this map to find the details of a provider near you.

Are you worried about money?

You can find out about local support in our money advice leaflet .

Do you want to volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer please get in touch with The Ayrshire Community Trust, or, if you are on Arran, Arran CVS.